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Decorative knot and article of apparel or headwear incorporating same
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1. An article of apparel comprising a layer of fabric at least a part of which is adapted to cover a portion of an individual's body and including a decorative knot secured to said layer of fabric, the knot comprising:
a length of flexible core material having an exterior surface extending from one end to an opposite end of said length of flexible core material; and
a length of fabric fitting and covering the exterior surface of said length of core material;
wherein the fabric-covered length of core material is formed into a spiral consisting of multiple turns proceeding around an axis, said turns have a progressively increasing radius, and are progressively axially displaced from one another, and adjacent turns of said multiple turns touch, and are secured to, one another; and
wherein said multiple turns of said fabric-covered length of core material are disposed in opposed, overlying, relationship to said part of said layer of fabric.