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Seed-flow adjustment system
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1. A distribution tower for conveying particulate material, said distribution tower comprising:
an upright conduit for pneumatically conveying particulate material in a primary stream toward an upper end of said conduit;
a distribution head at the upper end of said conduit, wherein said distribution head comprises a plenum chamber for receiving the primary stream of particulate material from said conduit, and wherein said distribution head further comprises a plurality of discharge outlets for directing particulate material out of said plenum chamber, wherein said distribution head is configured to split the primary stream into a plurality of secondary streams, wherein each of the secondary streams is discharged from said distribution head via one of said discharge outlets;
a flow adjustment system configured to adjust a distribution of particulate material between the secondary streams without completely restricting the flow of any of the secondary streams through their respective discharge outlet; and
a control system for controlling operation of said flow adjustment system,
wherein said flow adjustment system comprises a shiftable deflection assembly, and wherein a positional shifting of said deflection assembly is configured to adjust the distribution of particulate between the secondary streams,
wherein said deflection assembly comprises a transition cone, wherein said distribution head includes an upper wall, and wherein said transition cone extends from a bottom side of said top wall so as to extend into said plenum chamber,
wherein said deflection assembly includes an actuator for shifting a position of said transition cone with respect to said conduit,
wherein said actuator comprises a rotary actuator.