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Table assembly
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1. A table assembly comprising:
a table top having an upper surface, a lower surface, and first and second ends, the table top having a first component and a second component each of which has an upper part surface, an inner side edge and an outer side edge, the first component and second component being substantially identical and connected to each other such that the inner side edge of each of the first and second components are laterally adjacent each other so that upper part surface of the first component and the upper part surface of the second component are continuous and coplanar and define the upper surface of the table top;
a table frame comprising a pair of first and second lateral frame structures for respectively receiving the first and second ends of the tabletop, wherein the first and second ends of the tabletop comprise recesses to accommodate the table frame;
a plurality of substantially horizontal cross pieces extending between the first and second lateral frames, each cross piece having a first fixed end pivotally attached to the first or second lateral frame structure and a second detachable end releasably attached to the second or first lateral frame structure respectively; and
a securing post extending between the first and second lateral frame structures.