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Retainer assembly for a knot
Lawrence Skolnik, Chatsworth, CA (US)
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1. A retainer assembly for securing a knot defined by a pair of shoelaces of a shoe, the retainer assembly comprising:
a base member, wherein the base member includes a plate;
a clamping member engaged with the base member and adapted to telescopically move relative to the base member between an extended position and a retracted position, wherein the clamping member includes a clasp, a base plate, and a pair of wings extending outwardly of the base plate in a lateral direction, wherein each wing defines an elongated channel extending in a longitudinal direction to slidably receive the base member, and wherein the plate is supported by the wings and extending through the elongated channels; and
a clip member pivotally coupled to the base member and adapted to engage with the clasp when the clamping member is arranged in the retracted position to secure the knot between the clip member and the clamping member.