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Electronic device module and method of manufacturing electronic device module
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1. An electronic device module, comprising:
a board;
a ground electrode disposed on a first surface of the board;
a sealing portion disposed on the first surface of the board;
electronic devices mounted on the first surface of the board such that at least one of the electronic devices is embedded in the sealing portion;
a first shielding wall connected to the ground electrode and comprising a first side surface disposed along a side surface of the sealing portion;
a shielding layer formed of a conductive material; and
an external sealing portion disposed between the board and a bottom of the shielding layer,
wherein the shielding layer is disposed along a second side surface of the first shielding wall, opposite to the first side surface, is spaced apart from the board, and is disposed along a surface formed by the sealing portion and the first shielding wall.