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Directed infrared radiator article
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1. An article for emitting directed infrared energy, comprising:
an input for receiving energy from a power source;
a sole nanostructured sheet comprising a plurality of nanotubes, wherein the nanotubes are substantially non-aligned and have an adequate number of contact sites therebetween such that the nanostructured sheet has sufficient structural integrity to be handled as a sheet, and wherein the nanostructured sheet is configured to emit infrared energy when an electrical current is applied via the input from the power source; and
a reflecting member directly or indirectly coupled to the nanostructured sheet, the reflecting member configured to direct at least a portion of the emitted infrared energy in a desired direction for heating a remotely-situated target; and
a spacer situated between the nanostructured sheet and the reflecting member, wherein the spacer comprises a honeycomb structure.