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Controlling LED intensity based on a detected photocurrent value
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1. A circuit for controlling a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs), the circuit comprising:
a switching device, wherein the switching device is electrically connected to an LED of the plurality of LEDs, and wherein the switching device is configured to control whether the LED receives an electrical signal from a power source; and
processing circuitry configured to:
receive, from a set of sensing LEDs of the plurality of LEDs, a set of photocurrent value components indicative of a photocurrent value corresponding to the LED, wherein the plurality of LEDs form an LED matrix that includes a number of columns and a number of rows, wherein each sensing LED of the set of sensing LEDs is proximate to the LED in the LED matrix;
determine the photocurrent value based on the set of photocurrent value components;
compare the photocurrent value with a threshold photocurrent value; and
control, based on the comparison of the photocurrent value with the threshold photocurrent value, an output current of the LED.