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Radio frequency heating system with temperature measuring component based on fluorescence
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1. A radio frequency heating system comprising:
a radio frequency (RF) heating chamber;
a radio frequency heating container;
a fluorescence temperature measuring transmitter; and
a central control unit,
said central control unit is connected to said fluorescence temperature measuring transmitter, said radio frequency heating container is disposed at the bottom of said radio frequency heating chamber, said radio frequency heating container comprises a fluorescent material having temperature sensitive fluorescent characteristics and is excitable by excitation light to generate fluorescence, and there is a working optical path between said radio frequency heating container and said fluorescent temperature measuring transmitter,
said fluorescence temperature measuring transmitter comprises a light emitting device for generating the excitation light and a driving circuit thereof, an optoelectronic converter component for receiving said fluorescence, and a signal processing output circuit for processing output signals of the optoelectronic converter component, and
said central control unit is configured to control said radio frequency heating system according to the temperature measured by the fluorescence temperature measuring transmitter.