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1. A method performed by a network node of a wireless communication network, the method comprising:
sending downlink control information (DCI) for a User Equipment (UE), the DCI indicating an uplink grant to schedule an uplink transmission by the UE in an unlicensed frequency band, where the UE will perform a Listen Before Talk (LBT) procedure in conjunction with performing the uplink transmission; and
including one bit in the DCI as a control bit, wherein the network node selectively sets the control bit to one of two possible states, wherein a first state among the two possible states triggers the UE to reset a Contention Window (CW) size used by the UE for at least one LBT attempt performed by the UE in the LBT procedure, and wherein a second state among the two possible states triggers the UE to set the CW size for the at least one LBT attempt according to predefined rules.