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Transmission method, terminal device and base station
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1. A transmission method, applied to a terminal device, the method comprising:
receiving, by the terminal device, a downlink control channel; and
obtaining, by the terminal device, a first indicator field from the downlink control channel, wherein the first indicator field indicates whether each code block group (CBG) of CBGs in an initial transmission of a Transport Block (TB) needs to be retransmitted;
wherein the first indicator field comprises A*M-bit indication information, each TB corresponds to M-bit indication information, and each 1-bit in the M-bit information corresponds to one CBG in an initial transmission of a TB and indicates whether to retransmit the one CBG, wherein M is a preset or preconfigured quantity of CBGs into which a TB is divided, A is a quantity of TBs comprised in a shared channel transmission, and M and A are integers greater than or equal to 1.