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Systems for communicating with unassociated stations
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1. A method for wireless communication, comprising:
generating a first frame, at a first wireless communication device, that includes at least a first aggregated media access control protocol data unit (A-MPDU), wherein the first A-MPDU includes one or more media access control protocol data units (MPDUs);
setting a first recipient address (RA) field to a first value in a first MPDU of the one or more MPDUs in the first A-MPDU, the first value being a first MAC address associated with a second wireless communication device;
setting a first RA subfield of a first field in the first MPDU to a second value, the second value being the same as the first value, the second value being the first MAC address associated with the second wireless communication device; and
outputting the first frame for transmission to at least the second wireless communication device.