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Method and apparatus for resource allocation and determination
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1. A method for resource allocation, comprising:
configuring, by a base station, a resource for transmission of a physical shared channel of a terminal through a resource allocation parameter; and
sending, by the base station, the resource allocation parameter to the terminal through signaling;
wherein the resource allocation parameter comprises at least one of: a wideband indication, a resource location in a wideband, a wideband enabling subframe, a wideband mode or a resource location; wherein
the wideband has a basic unit of narrowband: the wideband comprises a number X of narrowbands and a total bandwidth of the wideband does not exceed a number Y of RBs, wherein the X narrowbands are X narrowbands with continuous narrowband indexes; or
the wideband has a basic unit of RB: the wideband comprises the number Y of RBs, wherein the Y RBs are Y RBs with continuous RB indexes;
wherein X and Y are preset values.