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Retuning method and apparatus for SRS coverage enhancement
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1. A retuning method, comprising:
determining, by a terminal device, a first resource and a second resource, wherein the first resource is used to send a sounding reference signal, wherein the first resource comprises a first frequency domain resource and at least one symbol of a first subframe, wherein the at least one symbol comprises the last symbol of the first subframe, wherein the second resource is used to send a physical uplink shared channel or a physical uplink control channel, wherein the second resource comprises a second frequency domain resource and a second subframe, wherein all or a part of the first frequency domain resource is not in the second frequency domain resource, wherein the first subframe is the first subframe in two consecutive subframes, and wherein the second subframe is the second subframe in the two consecutive subframes; and
determining, by the terminal device in at least one of the first subframe or the second subframe based on a quantity of symbols required for retuning from the first resource to the second resource, a guard period for the retuning, wherein the guard period is used to forbid the terminal device to send an uplink signal in the guard period.