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Method and device for transmitting uplink control information
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1. A method for transmitting uplink control information, comprising:
determining, by a user equipment, a Physical Uplink Control Channel (PUCCH) switching carrier group and a maximum feedback delay, wherein the PUCCH switching carrier group comprises one licensed primary carrier and N unlicensed carriers, N is an integer more than or equal to 1, and end time of the maximum feedback delay is latest time when the user equipment transmits feedback information;
performing, by the user equipment, Listen Before Talk (LBT) detection for the unlicensed carriers in the PUCCH switching carrier group during the maximum feedback delay; and
when the LBT detection succeeds, selecting one of the unlicensed carriers to transmit uplink control information; or
when the LBT detection fails, transmitting the uplink control information over the licensed primary carrier.