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Method of detecting access address of Bluetooth signal to which channel coding is applied and Bluetooth apparatus thereof
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3. A Bluetooth apparatus for detecting an access address of a Bluetooth signal to which channel coding is applied, the Bluetooth apparatus comprising:
a radio frequency (RF) receiver configured to receive the Bluetooth signal; and
an access address start detector configured to:
perform initial signal processing in a unit of a specific length for a first preamble part within a preamble section of the Bluetooth signal;
perform, in a unit of the specific length, channel decoding for a second preamble part remained after the first preamble part within the preamble section, wherein the channel decoding starts at the middle of the preamble section;
extract a correlation value in a bit unit with a preset access address from an output of the channel decoding; and
determine that a valid access address is detected when the correlation value exceeds a threshold value,
wherein the specific length is a bit pattern length of a bitstream which is repeated in the preamble section or a length of a bitstream input for the channel decoding, and
wherein the channel decoding performed on the second preamble part is performed before the extracting of the correlation value.