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Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink control information in wireless communication system
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1. A method performed by a user equipment for communication in a communication system supporting one or more bandwidth parts, the method comprising:
identifying a first bandwidth part for a cell and a second bandwidth part for the cell through a radio resource control signaling, wherein each of the first bandwidth part and the second bandwidth part is defined with a corresponding subcarrier spacing and frequency domain location;
identifying a first control resource set on the first bandwidth part and a second control resource set on the second bandwidth part through the radio resource control signaling; and
acquiring second downlink control information for the second bandwidth part based on the first control resource set on the first bandwidth part being activated,
wherein a bandwidth part indicator, a frequency domain resource assignment, and a time domain resource assignment are included in the second downlink control information,
wherein a number of bits of bandwidth part indicator is defined based on the radio resource control signaling,
wherein the first bandwidth part is activated by first downlink control information, and
wherein the first downlink control information and the second downlink control information are acquired in a user equipment specific control region.