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Loudspeaker structure
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1. A loudspeaker comprising:
a magnetic unit having an air gap therein;
a voice coil mounted on a cylindrical support and disposed so as to move axially in the air gap of said magnetic unit;
a basket fixed to said magnetic unit;
a membrane fixed to the cylindrical support of said voice coil and connected to said basket;
a rim connecting a peripheral part of said membrane to said basket; and
at least one vibrating element configured to control vibrating modes of said membrane, said at least one vibrating element being fixed to said membrane, said at least one vibrating element comprising:
a base fixed to said membrane;
a shank that projects from said base; and
a mass that projects from said shank in a cantilever and manner, wherein said mass is of a rigid non-deformable material, said mass being free to oscillate in any direction, wherein said at least one vibrating element is made of an injection molded plastic material.