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Diaphragm for a micro loudspeaker
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1. A diaphragm for a micro loudspeaker, comprising
an outer casing, a center of which is provided with a through-hole, with the outer casing being provided with an inner wall, an outer wall, and two end surfaces that are extended on an end edge of the inner wall and the outer wall respectively, whereas the through-hole being formed by the wrapping of the inner wall;
a membrane that is disposed in the through-hole; and
a suspension that is connected to the outer casing and the membrane, with the suspension being provided with an effective operation zone that is extended from the inner wall into the through-hole and is connected on the membrane, and a fixed area that is extended from the inner wall toward the outer wall, and is formed with a cut-off area to keep the effective operation zone of the suspension at a good intactness.