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Media content proof of play over optical medium
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1. A method, comprising:
generating encoded information for content;
synchronizing each portion of the encoded information with content portions of the content and providing synchronized encoded information as a separate stream of information that is synchronized to the content portions, wherein the separated stream is overlaid on the content when the content is rendered on a display;
receiving images of encoded information from an imaging sensor affixed to an external corner of the display while content is rendered on the display based on presentation of the encoded information in the images as overlaid on the content and being played with the separate stream of the information with the content on the display and captured and provided by the imaging sensor;
decoding the encoded information from the images as decoded information; and
verifying that the content was rendered on the display based on the decoded information, wherein verifying further includes verifying that each piece of the content was properly rendered within a specific screen of several screens rendered on the display from the decoded information.