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Jitter management in a statistical multiplexer employing an IP network
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1. A method for multiplexing encoded media streams into a statistically multiplexed media stream, comprising:
receiving over a communication network a plurality of encoded media streams each having a variable bit rate (VBR), the encoded media streams experiencing jitter while being transmitted over the communication network and undergoing a de-jitter process;
prior to multiplexing the encoded media streams into a multiplexed media stream, rearranging respective transmit times of select packets in select ones of the encoded media streams when a total group bandwidth available on a transmission channel over which the multiplexed media stream is to be transmitted is insufficient less than a sum of bandwidths of the encoded media streams because of the jitter and de jitter process experienced by the media streams, the rearranging being performed without exceeding a maximum bit rate at which each individual encoded media stream is configured, the rearranging causing the bandwidth of the multiplexed media stream to be less than or equal to the total group bandwidth of the transmission channel; and
after rearranging the transmit time of the select packets, multiplexing the encoded media steams into the multiplexed media stream and transmitting the multiplexed media stream onto the transmission channel.