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Adjacent content classification and targeting
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1. A computer-implemented method, comprising:
receiving video data including at least a portion of primary content, the primary content including a plurality of scenes;
analyzing at least a portion of the primary content using an object recognition module to identify one or more items within the portion of the primary content;
applying a classification to the portion of primary content, based at least in part on the identified one or more items;
determining a usage criterion associated with the classification, the usage criterion restricting presentation of related supplemental content, with respect to the classification;
determining the usage criterion satisfies one or more rules associated with a break period, the break period being after a duration of the portion of primary content;
selecting supplemental content associated with the classification of the portion of primary content, the supplemental content being identified by a line item that corresponds to the classification;
generating output video content including the primary content and the supplemental content, the supplemental content being within the break period.