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System and method for providing a telematics service using third-party authentication
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1. A method of providing a telematics service using a third-party authentication, comprising:
receiving a telematics service request, by a call center, from a client using a client onboard telematics system;
generating a password, by the call center, and providing the password to the client;
transferring the client, by the call center, to a third-party service provider, wherein the call center includes a call center database containing a set of client information and a call center navigation subsystem in selective communication with the client onboard telematics system;
requesting the password, by the third-party service provider, from the client; and
entering the password for authentication, by the third-party service provider, to a cloud-based application in order to access the set of client information from the call center database to access the call center navigation subsystem for providing the requested telematics service; and
wherein the step of generating a password includes uploading the password to the cloud-based application for authentication by the third-party service provider to enable access to the set of client information.