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Selecting where to process data associated with Internet of Things (IoT) devices
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable medium configured for storing a program that is executable by a processing device, the program enabling the processing device to:
receive data associated with an Internet of Things (IoT) device;
evaluate a plurality of processing factors related to the data by
determining a local cost estimate defined by a pricing factor and a latency factor to have an edge device process the data, and
determining a cloud cost estimate defined by a pricing factor and a latency factor to have a cloud computing device process the data, the cloud computing device being in communication with the edge device via the Internet;
compare the local cost estimate with the cloud cost estimate to determine a lowest cost estimate;
select where the data is processed based on the lowest cost estimate;
utilize a message router instantiated on the edge device to deliver the data in an application layer message to the processing device for local processing or to the cloud computing device for remote processing; and
store a history of evaluations and selections, the evaluations related to evaluated local cost estimates and cloud cost estimates related to historic data associated with the IoT device, and the selections related to selected processing devices where the data associated with the IoT device is historically processed.