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Systems and methods for recording metadata about microservices for requests to the microservices
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1. A method for recording metadata about a microservice for requests to the microservice, the method comprising:
(a) receiving, by a device configured as a proxy to one or more microservices of a service, a registration request to register a microservice of the one or more microservices with the device;
(b) receiving, by the device during registration of the microservice with the device, metadata provided by the microservice about the microservice, the metadata identifying a identifier of the microservice, a deployment version of the microservice and a region of deployment of the microservice, the device storing the metadata in association with the microservice;
(c) recording, by the device responsive to a plurality of requests to access the microservice, to a log the metadata of the microservice registered with the device in association with each of the plurality of requests; and
(d) identifying, by the device via a user interface based on the metadata recorded to the log and responsive to a comparison of metadata received with a response from the microservice to the metadata recorded to the log, a change in operation of the microservice in connection with one of the deployment version or the region of the microservice.