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Linkage system and device control server
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1. A linking system comprising:
an information providing server;
a device controlling server,
a linking server; and
a plurality of control-target devices,
the linking server being configured to cause an operation to be carried out in accordance with a linking rule in which a trigger is associated with the operation,
the plurality of control-target devices being not designated in the linking rule,
the trigger being predetermined information being transmitted from the information providing server to the linking server,
the device controlling server comprising:
a memory that stores instructions; and
a processor that executes the instructions stored in the memory to:
in a case where the device controlling server has received from the linking server an instruction for carrying out the operation in accordance with the linking rule,
(i) identify, with reference to information in which devices are associated with users, a plurality of devices to be controlled from among the plurality of control-target devices based on a target user designated by the linking rule and is controlled by the device controlling server,
(ii) select one or more control-target devices from among the plurality of devices which have been identified, the one or more selected control-target devices having been selected by the device controlling server from among the plurality of devices to be controlled in accordance with information received from each of the plurality of devices to be controlled, the information indicates an operational status of a device from which the information was transmitted, and
(iii) transmit a command to carry out the operation to the one or more selected control-target devices.