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Infrastructure aware adaptive resource allocation
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1. A method comprising:
receiving, by a resource manager of a network, a request to allocate a first container instance in the network;
determining, by the resource manager, a set of candidate computing nodes of a plurality of computing nodes in the network that are capable of hosting the first container instance;
requesting, from an infrastructure monitor with infrastructure data from the network, health metrics for the set of candidate computing nodes, the health metrics including at least a health score and a classification for each candidate computing node of the set of candidate computing nodes, wherein the classifications indicate a severity of a problem and are at least one of a white list, a grey list, and a black list;
selecting, by the resource manager, based at least on the health score, classification or a combination thereof for the set of candidate computing nodes, an optimal computing node of the set of candidate computing nodes to host the first container instance;
allocating the first container instance on the optimal computing node.