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Operation for multiple chat bots operation in organization
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1. A system for managing operations of a chat bot, the system comprising:
a processor; and
a data acquisition sensor configured to acquire data of a status of an instrumented server of a user;
a computer-readable medium storing instructions that are operative when executed by the processor to:
receive a first chat content from a first chat session;
identify an entity in the first chat session using the acquired data, wherein the user belongs to the entity;
determine a first context for the first chat content using the status of the instrumented server of the user and the entity to which the user belongs;
generate, based at least on the first context, a first context file from a plurality of context files previously provided by the entity, wherein the first context file comprises a function for accessing an executable, external resource;
determine, based at least on the first chat content and the first context file, a first action for the chat bot, wherein determining the first action for the chat bot comprises parsing the first context file; and
execute the first action.