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Determination of quality of service of a network tunnel
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1. A method comprising:
first selecting an initial tunnel of a plurality of network tunnels;
first transmitting data packets over the initial tunnel to a destination;
buffering the transmitted data packets;
second selecting a preferred tunnel of the plurality of network tunnels as a preferred network tunnel for transmitting the data packets;
in response to the preferred tunnel being different from the initial tunnel;
discontinuing the first transmitting;
retransmitting the buffered the transmitted data packets through the preferred tunnel; and
second transmitting subsequent data packets destined for the destination through the preferred tunnel;
wherein when the second selecting selects the initial tunnel as the preferred tunnel, the first transmitting sent the data packets with a head start relative to waiting for the second selecting and second transmitting; and
wherein when the second selecting does not select the initial tunnel as the preferred tunnel, the retransmitting restarts transmission of the data packets by resending the previously transmitted data packets.