US 11,057,278 B1
Discovery of port-to-port connectivity across network layers using machine learning
David Côté, Ottawa (CA); Minming Ni, Ottawa (CA); Phillip Doelling, Lucas, TX (US); Mark Gibson, Bristol (GB); Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); and William Kaufmann, Chicago, IL (US)
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1. A Network Management System (NMS) comprising
a processing device, and
a memory device configured to store instructions that, when executed, cause the processing device to
obtain input data related to a plurality of Network Elements (NEs) operating in a plurality of layers within a network having a cross-layer topology of one or more cross-layer port-to-port connectivity links therebetween, and
utilize a Machine Learning (ML) model and the input data to discover the cross-layer topology including the one or more cross-layer port-to-port connectivity links between pairs of NEs operating in different layers of the plurality of layers within the network,
wherein the ML model is trained utilizing one or more ML processes with multi-variate time-series data including a known cross-layer topology with known cross-layer port-to-port connectivity links therein.