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Secured protection of advertisement parameters in a zero trust low power and lossy network
Pascal Thubert, La Colle sur Loup (FR); Huimin She, Shanghai (CN); Patrick Wetterwald, Mouans Sartoux (FR); Akram Ismail Sheriff, San Jose, CA (US); and Eric Michel Levy-Abegnoli, Valbonne (FR)
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1. A method comprising: receiving, by a parent network device providing at least a portion of a directed acyclic graph (DAG) according to a prescribed routing protocol in a low power and lossy network, a destination advertisement object (DAO) message, the DAO message specifying a target Internet Protocol (IP) address claimed by an advertising network device in the DAG and the DAO message further specifying a secure token associated with the target IP address; and
selectively issuing a cryptographic challenge in response to the DAO message to validate whether the advertising network device generated the secure token.