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Transmission apparatus and transmission method
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1. A communication apparatus comprising:
a transmitter, which, in operation, transmits, to a single receiving communication apparatus, a partial bandwidth transmission packet that contains a preamble and a data field, wherein the preamble includes resource unit (RU) allocation information indicating one of a plurality of RU arrangements and includes a plurality of user fields, wherein
the one of the plurality of RU arrangements indicates a plurality of RUs which respectively correspond to the plurality of user fields, and
one RU of the plurality of RUs is an RU allocated to the single receiving communication apparatus and other RU(s) of the plurality of RUs are unallocated RU(s); and
controller circuitry, which is coupled to the transmitter and which, in operation, sets a dummy association identifier (AID) to a user field corresponding to the unallocated RU,
the preamble is transmitted over a 20 MHz bandwidth, and the data field is transmitted within the allocated RU that is a 106-tone RU which is a bandwidth less than 20 MHz.