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Method for transmitting and receiving signal in a wireless local area network and device for same
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1. A method performed by a first station (STA) in a wireless LAN (WLAN) system, the method comprising:
transmitting a beam refinement protocol (BRP) packet to a second STA through a plurality of channels, wherein the BRP packet is generated based on a lowest modulation and coding scheme (MCS), and wherein the plurality of channels is generated based on a channel bonding scheme or a channel aggregation scheme; and
performing a beamforming training procedure on the plurality of channels for the second STA based on the BRP packet,
wherein the BRP packet includes an Enhanced Directional Multi Gigabit Header A (EDMG Header A) field, a Beam Refinement Protocol (BRP) data frame, and a Training (TRN) field,
wherein the BRP data frame is duplicated for the plurality of channels, and
wherein the TRN field is transmitted through bonded channels generated based on the channel bonding scheme according to information in the EDMG Header A field.