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Enhanced retry count for uplink multi-user transmission
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1. A station device (STA) for performing retransmission procedures, the STA comprising processing circuitry and storage, the processing circuitry coupled to the storage, the processing circuitry configured to:
identify a high efficiency (HE) trigger frame received from an access point device, the HE trigger frame associated with causing transmissions from multiple station devices in a multi-user environment, the multiple station devices comprising the STA;
cause to send, based on the HE trigger frame, a physical layer (PHY) protocol data unit (PPDU) to the access point device, wherein a retry counter of the STA is set to a value;
determine an absence of a response to the PPDU in the multi-user environment after a time has elapsed, the absence indicating that no acknowledgement has been received from the access point device in response to the PPDU;
determine that the PPDU is associated with the HE trigger frame; and
refrain from modifying the value of the retry counter based on the absence and based on the PPDU being associated with the HE trigger frame.