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Polar code transmission method and apparatus
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1. A transmission method, applied to a network device and comprising:
performing polar encoding on a bit sequence, to obtain an encoded sequence, wherein the bit sequence comprises control information and a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) sequence;
fragmenting the bit sequence, after performing the polar encoding, to obtain n encoded subsequences, wherein n is an integer, and n>0;
scrambling the n encoded subsequences by using n scrambling sequences respectively, to obtain n scrambled sequences;
performing modulation and mapping operations on the n scrambled sequences; and
sending the n scrambled sequences after performing the modulation and mapping operations,
wherein the scrambling the n encoded subsequences by using the n scrambling sequences respectively comprises:
performing an exclusive-OR operation on an odd-numbered vector and an even-numbered vector of each of the n encoded subsequences by using each of the n scrambling sequences.