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Compact free space communication
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1. A device for free space optical communication comprising:
a laser;
a modulator configured to cause the laser to output an optical signal comprising a data signal and a beacon signal;
a defocuser optically coupled to the laser and configured to receive the optical signal and control a beam divergence of the optical signal;
an optical interface configured to receive the optical signal from the defocuser and output the optical signal into free space;
a controller configured to cause the defocuser to adjust the beam divergence to a first beam divergence for a first operational mode and a second beam divergence for a second operational mode, wherein the first operational mode comprises a communication mode and the second operational mode comprises one or more of a tracking mode or a link acquisition mode; and
a zoom element configured to receive at least a portion of an additional optical signal received from free space via the optical interface and control a beam divergence of the at least a portion of the additional optical signal upon a spatial detector configured for determining positioning information.