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Hierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna modules and faster beam steering method of operation
James Wang, San Marino, CA (US); and Chak-Ming Chie, Culver City, CA (US)
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1. A method for operation at a host processor communicatively coupled to a plurality of antenna array submodules, the method comprising:
determining a region that an antenna array of submodules will be pointing, wherein each submodule contains a number of antenna elements and associated phase shifters;
determining, by the host processor, that the region is adequately covered by one of a set of phase weights previously associated with directions for each antenna element according to a content addressable memory store device where the phase weights are computed using an element index and a Submodule index;
transmitting to each submodule an instruction to load a phase weight associated with a corresponding direction; and
controlling slave Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) devices in an antenna array, further comprising:
initializing at the same time all common registers within every slave RFIC device in the antenna array to the same calibrated gain values;
transferring said calibrated gain values into every instance of local registers for transformation by antenna element specific phase shifter factors;
storing antenna element specific phase shifter factors in local registers;
computing phase shifter values; and
looking up gain settings.