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Microelectromechanical system and control method to control a piezoelectric drive based on an admittance or impedance of the piezoelectric drive
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1. A microelectromechanical system comprising:
a piezoelectric drive; and
a control unit coupled to the piezoelectric drive, wherein the control unit is configured to control the piezoelectric drive based on a change of at least one of an admittance and an impedance of the piezoelectric drive, including by, in a normal operation:
providing a control voltage, which includes a DC voltage component and an AC voltage component overlaid on the DC voltage component, to vibrate the piezoelectric drive;
receiving, from a current measuring device, a current flowing through the piezoelectric drive while the piezoelectric drive is vibrated via the control voltage;
determining an amplitude of the vibration based on a first impedance and the detected current; and
regulating an amplitude of the vibration by adjusting the control voltage based on the determined amplitude and a predefined setpoint amplitude.