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Voltage step-down converter
Dominique Bergogne, Grenoble (FR)
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1. A DC voltage step-down converter comprising:
at least one first resistive element in series with a first switch between a first terminal and a second terminal of application of a first DC voltage; and
a capacitive element between a third terminal and a fourth terminal for supplying a second DC voltage smaller than the first one,
a node between said first resistive element and the first switch being coupled by a diode to said third terminal, said first switch being turned on when the second voltage reaches an upper threshold voltage and being turned off when the second voltage reaches a lower threshold voltage, said upper and lower threshold voltages being respectively greater and less than a reference voltage of the second voltage, thereby regulating the value of the second voltage around said reference voltage,
wherein, when the first DC voltage is applied to the first and second terminals and during steady state operation, current flows uninterrupted through the at least one first resistive element towards the second terminal when the first switch is turned on and towards the third terminal when the first switch is turned off.