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Power converter, power controller, and control method capable of providing multiple protections
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1. A power converter for converting an input voltage into an output voltage, the power converter comprising:
a transformer with a primary winding, a secondary winding and an auxiliary winding;
a power switch connected in series with the primary winding between the input voltage and an input ground;
a power controller controlling the power switch to control a winding current through the primary winding, wherein the power controller has a multi-function pin; and
a multi-purpose circuit, comprising:
first and second resistors, wherein a connection node makes the first and second resistors connected in series between two ends of the auxiliary winding; and
a rectifier and a thermistor, connected in parallel between the multi-function pin and the connection node;
wherein the power controller is capable of performing over-voltage protection and over-temperature protection via the multi-purpose circuit and the multi-function pin.