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Rotor and motor having the same
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1. A rotor of an electric motor comprising:
a rotating shaft;
a rotor core and a commutator fixed to the rotating shaft, the commutator comprising a cylindrical insulating base securely arranged around the rotating shaft and a plurality of commutator segments circumferentially arranged on the outer lateral surface of the insulating base; and
a first sleeve, a second sleeve and a third sleeve arranged around the rotating shaft;
wherein the first sleeve is located on a side of the rotor core away from the commutator and abuts against the rotor core, the second sleeve is located between the rotor core and the commutator, and the third sleeve is located on a side of the commutator away from the rotor core;
one end of the third sleeve adjacent to the commutator has a fourth contact surface, and the fourth contact surface is in contact with the commutator, the third sleeve comprises a main body and first and second protrusions at opposite ends of the main body, the first protrusion has a diameter less than a diameter of the main body, and an end surface of the second protrusion away from the first protrusion is the fourth contact surface.