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Universal connecting module for electrical connector, and data-transferring device comprising such a module
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1. Module for connecting a cable to an electrical connector, comprising:
a base comprising a mating face, the base being able to be placed in a contact position in which the mating face is facing tracks of a printed circuit board of the connector,
connecting pins that are accommodated by the base, each pin comprising a first end that is arranged to receive a conductive wire of the cable and a second end that protrudes from said mating face so that a contact is established between the second end and a track of the printed circuit board when the base is in the contact position, and
sidewalls perpendicular to the mating face and stops that protrude from interior surfaces of the sidewalls, the stops being configured to interact with the printed circuit board in response to translational movement of the printed circuit board and/or the mating face, one with respect to the other, along a direction perpendicular to a direction passing through the first end and the second end of each connecting pin so as to keep the base in the contact position.