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Method of making a dual-band yagi-uda antenna array
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1. A method comprising:
connecting a feed board to a driven element board while the feed board and the driven element board are held together by a first support and a second support, the feed board, the driven element board, the first support, and the second support comprising an assembly, wherein the feed board comprises:
a trace split;
a first frequency branch being fed from the trace split, the first frequency branch comprising a first frequency resonator, the first frequency resonator comprising a shunt open stub;
a second frequency branch being fed from the trace split, the second frequency branch comprising a second frequency resonator, the second frequency resonator comprising a shunt short circuit; and
a first frequency driven element section connected to a feed point in the first frequency branch, the feed point being located approximately a guided half-wavelength, at a second frequency, from the trace split;
a second frequency driven element first section, wherein the first frequency driven element section and the second frequency driven element first section are disposed on a top of the driven element board, wherein the driven element board is perpendicular to the feed board at an antenna plane, the antenna plane being below the first frequency resonator and the second frequency resonator;
wherein a length of the second frequency branch is approximately a guided quarter-wavelength, at a first frequency, measured from the trace split, and
wherein the first frequency resonator is a full-wave resonator with the first frequency branch having a length of approximately a full guided wavelength at the second frequency measured from the trace split;
heat-staking the assembly to a ground plane;
clocking a coaxial cable; and
connecting the coaxial cable to the feed board.