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Electronic device including antenna using housing thereof
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1. An electronic device, comprising:
a housing that defines an external appearance of the electronic device;
a coil antenna accommodated in the interior of the housing; and
a wireless communication circuit configured to feed electric power to the coil antenna,
wherein the housing includes:
a first area that at least partially overlaps an area in which the coil antenna is disposed and that is formed of a metal oxide;
a second area spaced apart from the first area and formed of a conductive material; and
at least one slit disposed between the first area and the second area, and
wherein the slit includes a first slit and a second slit formed in parallel to each other and wherein the second slit is filled with an insulating material having a first permittivity, and a metal oxide that fills the first slit has a second permittivity that is higher than the first permittivity.