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Pouch-shaped battery case for secondary batteries capable of discharging gas
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1. A pouch-shaped battery case, comprising:
an electrode assembly mounted within the pouch-shaped battery case;
an outer coating layer, a metal barrier layer, and an inner adhesive layer sequentially stacked with one another;
a first adhesive layer interposed between the outer coating layer and the metal barrier layer in order to increase a force of adhesion therebetween;
a second adhesive layer interposed between the metal barrier layer and the inner adhesive layer in order to increase a force of adhesion therebetween;
an upper case and a lower case sealed to one another by thermal fusion at outer edges thereof, such that the electrode assembly is mounted between the upper case and the lower case; and
a gas discharge member providing gas communication between an inside and an outside of the pouch-shaped battery case, the gas discharge member being disposed within a fused portion of the pouch-shaped battery case that is formed as by the inner adhesive layer of the upper case and the lower case being thermally fused to one another.