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Battery management apparatus and battery pack including the same
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1. A battery management apparatus, comprising:
a master battery management system (BMS) and a plurality of slave BMSs connected to the master BMS,
wherein the master BMS includes a master controller configured to generate operation order information of the plurality of slave BMSs based on state-of-charge information of each of a plurality of battery modules respectively connected to the plurality of slave BMSs,
wherein each of the plurality of slave BMSs includes:
a slave communicator configured to receive the operation order information generated by the master controller and receive battery temperature information measured by a temperature measurement sensor; and
a slave controller configured to operate a battery cooler by using an output of a corresponding battery module according to a temperature value of the battery temperature information when an operation order corresponds to a first operation order according to the received operation order information or the slave communicator receives a first operation signal from another slave communicator.