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Clear coating for light emitting device exterior having chemical resistance and related methods
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1. An LED device comprising:
one or more LED chips;
an encapsulant material or lens disposed over at least a portion of the one or more LED chips; and
a barrier coating at least partially disposed over the encapsulant or lens, wherein the barrier coating comprises a polyacrylate-silicon containing material, a polymethylacrylate-silicon containing material, or mixtures thereof represented by Formula (1):

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where R is methyl or ethyl or a C3-C6 straight or branched alkyl; each R1 is, independently, hydrogen, hydroxyl, alkyl, phenyl, or vinyl, with the proviso that at least one R1 is hydrogen, hydroxyl, or vinyl; R2 and R3 are, independently, hydrogen, methyl, or ethyl; and x and y represent molar amounts of monomer, where 0<x+y≤1, and y>0 arranged as a block co-polymer, a random copolymer, a graft copolymer, or a silane end-terminated polymer.