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Display panel
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1. A display panel, comprising:
a flexible substrate comprising a display area and a non-display area which is positioned around the display area;
a thin film transistor layer formed on the flexible substrate;
a plurality of grooves formed in the thin film transistor layer and positioned in the non-display area around the display area;
a planarization layer disposed on the thin film transistor layer;
a pixel definition layer disposed on the planarization layer and defining a pixel area;
at least one bump formed in the parts of the planarization layer and the pixel definition layer, which are located in the non-display area, and located between each two adjacent grooves through patterning;
a light emitting layer formed on the planarization layer and disposed corresponding to the pixel area; and
a thin film encapsulation layer formed on the light emitting layer and configured to package the light emitting layer, wherein the thin film encapsulation layer covers the at least one bump and the plurality of grooves in the non-display area.