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Fault detection method in semiconductor fabrication facility
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1. A method for fault detection in a fabrication tool, comprising:
processing a semiconductor wafer in a fabrication tool according to a plurality of process events of a process run, wherein the process events correspond to different locations in the fabrication tool;
measuring humidity in the fabrication tool in at least one of the process events by a metrology tool positioned on a transferring member, and recording a location of the metrology tool, wherein the transferring member is moved in the fabrication tool according to the process events;
comparing the humidity measured in one of the process events with an expected humidity associated with the one of the process events;
based on the comparison, indicating an alarm condition which is indicative of a chemical leakage in the fabrication tool when a difference between the measured humidity and the expected humidity exceeds a range of acceptable values associated with the one of the process events, and determining a component that is a source of the chemical leakage;
collecting data associated with humidity in the fabrication tool in each of the process events of a previously executed process run; and
storing the data associated with humidity in an archive database, wherein the expected humidity is derived from the archive database.