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Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
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1. A method of fabricating a semiconductor device, the method comprising:
forming, on a substrate, a mold structure including a mold layer, a buffer layer, and a support layer, the buffer layer including a lower portion adjacent to the mold layer, an upper portion adjacent to the support layer and a middle portion between the lower portion and upper portion with a nitrogen content of the middle portion of the buffer layer increasing in a direction approaching the upper portion and an oxygen content of the middle portion increasing in a direction approaching the lower portion such that the lower portion includes silicon oxide, the upper portion includes silicon nitride and the middle portion includes silicon oxynitride;
performing an anisotropic etching process on the mold structure to form a plurality of through holes in the mold structure;
forming a plurality of bottom electrodes in respective ones of the plurality of through holes;
forming a dielectric layer conformally covering a top surface and a sidewall of each of the plurality of the bottom electrodes; and
forming a top electrode covering the dielectric layer and filling spaces between the plurality of the bottom electrodes.