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Method and apparatus for authenticating and detecting circuit breaker integrity
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1. A circuit breaker apparatus comprising:
a housing;
a circuit disposed in the housing and configured to connect a power line to a load via one or more conductors and provide circuit protection for the one or more conductors and the load;
a display that is operable to change from a first state to a second state, wherein:
the first state indicates that the apparatus is authenticated and the second state indicates that the apparatus has been tampered with, and
power is not required to maintain the first state or the second state once displayed;
a controller; and
a power control device electrically coupled to the controller;
the display is configured to be in the first state when the apparatus is authenticated and has not been tampered with,
the power control device is configured to provide power to the controller upon detection of tampering with the apparatus, and
the controller is configured to, when powered in response to detection of the tampering with the apparatus and without user intervention, send a signal to cause the display to change from the first state to the second state.